Voice of Doctors Research School’s Dengue Project Published in Prestigious International Journal of Surgery Open

In response to the escalating Dengue epidemic in Bangladesh, the Voice of Doctors Research School has taken a significant step forward in understanding and combating the crisis. The institution spearheads a collaborative research initiative that brings together experts from Bangladesh, China, India, and Indonesia. The resulting paper, titled “Urgent Concerns Regarding the Recent Dengue Outbreak in Bangladesh,” has been published in the prestigious International Journal of Surgery Open(IF:1, Elsevier), with a DOI of 10.1016/j.ijso.2023.100682.

The Dengue epidemic in Bangladesh has witnessed intermittent occurrences in recent years, with a notable increase in intensity and severe repercussions for public health. Disturbing statistics from the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) of Bangladesh reveal that on July 18, 2023, 1,533 patients were admitted to hospitals due to Dengue, resulting in 127 reported fatalities. This alarming situation necessitates a deeper understanding of the contributing factors to develop effective prevention and management strategies.

The collaborative research effort led by the Voice of Doctors Research School examines the current state of the Dengue epidemic, utilizing data from the DGHS. The surge in documented cases across the nation, contrasting with previous periods, highlights the situation’s urgency. The collaboration between experts from different countries enriches the research by providing a comprehensive global perspective on Dengue prevention and management.

Key findings from the research explore the epidemiological patterns and clinical manifestations and propose proactive measures for future preparedness. The Voice of Doctors Research School urges policymakers, healthcare professionals, and the public to engage with the research findings. The institution remains committed to fostering international collaboration and advancing research that addresses urgent health concerns on a global scale.

The Voice of Doctors Research School is a non-profit organization advancing medical research, education, and collaboration. The institution strives to address and contribute solutions to pressing health challenges through its global initiatives.